Youth Sport Field Observation

Youth Sport Field Observation Youth Sport Field Observation AssignmentPaper details Individually, critically examine how sporting events and fitness activities are actualized within their local communities. Visit an organized youth sport contest for children less than 10 years of age. Take field notes (Do Not take any video or photos). Observe social and sport behaviors of athletes, fans, referees and anyone else within close proximity of the event. Field notes must include the following: Date, time, place of observation, and weather A description of the location and what other places/businesses are around your location (include your assessment of the social class of the area and contest venue) A description the coaches, athletes and referees (race, gender, approximate age, clothing, etc..) A description of the fans (spectators) (i.e., parents, peers of athletes, number etc.,) A description of interaction between coaches, athletes and referees and fans Once observations have been completed, prepare a 2- paged double spaced, 12 point written summary of the findings and a comparison of what you saw to what has been described in the course text and class discussions, particularly with reference to Chapter 4 on Sports and Children. The final part of this written submission must include a personal reflection of this assignment (what did you learn?)

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