Write on ONE of the following Essays Questions. Directions: Your answer should b

Write on ONE of the following Essays Questions.Directions: Your answer should be a MINIMUM of 3 pages long, 1.5 spacing, 12 font, and 1-inch margins maximum, to be considered for full points; You should use your own words and understanding (critical thought) in answering the question;Use textbook and PowerPoints only. NO OUTSIDE resources!!Essay Options:1. What major political events led to the start of the Revolutionary War and what justifications were put forward by the American Colonials?OR2. Describe the types of Federalism that have been present in the United States. What major arguments for and against Federalism were first had during the Constitutional conventions?Write on ONE of the following Essays Questions.Use the attachments that are needed to be used in this essay, please.You can choose any of these two essay options.To access the book go to: https://brytewave.redshelf.com/Login: ramankaur2466i@gmail.comPassword: Ya++3@9aBqb3.%U

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