While we are still in the ancient Greek world, Oedipus the King was written in 4

While we are still in the ancient Greek world, Oedipus the King was written in 426 BCE, around 400 years after the Odyssey. If in the Odyssey we see the early days of a society and culture that is just coming together, when we get to the time period that Oedipus the King was written in, that society/culture is fully formed, but also moving forward in new directions.For example, the ancient Greek religion is the same one based upon polytheism and the concepts of fate and free will, but the gods are represented very differently, and the ideas about the relationship between fate and free will is much more complex.What differences do you see in how the gods and the ancient Greek religion are portrayed in Oedipus the King from that shown in the Odyssey, particularly in regards to the exchange between Oedipus and Teiresias, the blind prophet (lines 314-516 in the shorter fourth edition)?———————————————–To receive full credit (6 points) for each discussion board, all of the following must be achieved:–Your original post successfully answers the prompt.–You use specific evidence from the text, including direct quotes to support your analysis.–Correct formal spelling, grammar and formatting.–At least one substantive response to a fellow student’s post.–You include your own question about the text at the end of your first post.–Your own original response and your responses to other students total at least 500 words combined per discussion board.

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