Which of the following statements is true regarding complex systems?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management practice test / quiz and need support to help me learn.Question 1Which of the following are the technological attributes that contribute to project complexity?Group of answer choicesNewness of the technology and familiarity of team members with the technologyStrategic value of the technology and the accessibility of technologyTechnological sophistication and technological compatibilityLevel of compatibility of the technology and the future applicability of the technologyRelevance of the technology and the availability of the technology to the project teamQuestion 2According to the Darnall-Preston Complexity Index (DPCI), the clarity of project objectives and scope would be classified under:Group of answer choicesinternal attributes.technological attributes.ecological attributes.environmental attributes.external attributes.Question 3A complex adaptive system is adaptive if:Group of answer choicesthe activities adjust in ways that prevent the system from achieving its purpose.the activities adjust or react to the events of the environment.the activities function independently of one another.the activities have a high degree of interdependence between them.the activities are resistant to changes in the project environment.Question 4Youker looked at system scope as an attribute that helped determine a project profile.Group of answer choicesTrueFalseQuestion 5The DPCI was developed around four assumptions. Which of the following is one of them?Group of answer choicesThere is no such thing as an optimum execution approach.All projects are similar to one another.There is an optimum set of skills and experience for the project execution team.Projects have distinct characteristics.Grouping of project characteristics to create a project profile is not always possible.Question 6The technology of a project refers to the technology used to manage the project.Group of answer choicesTrueFalseQuestion 7Which of the following statements is true regarding complex systems?Group of answer choicesThe complexity of a system is determined solely by the number of parts it has.The behavior of complex systems can be easily inferred from that of its components.Irregularly configured systems are complex, such as junkyards.An interstate toll booth is a prime example of a complex system.Complex systems are characterized by order and homogeneity.Question 8Formal organizational charts indicate reporting relationships and are very effective at displaying project relationships.Group of answer choicesTrueFalseQuestion 9Culture does NOT define which of the following:Group of answer choicesTruthValue of natureHow to communicateMeaning of workProject timelinesQuestion 10Name and describe two project attributes that can be used for project profiling.View keyboard shortcuts

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