What words were repeated or emphasized?

Paragraph 1: ContentSentence 1 – Who was the speaker?Sentence 2- Where was the speech given?Sentence 3 – When was the speech given? (month and year)Sentence 4 – Why was the speech given?Sentence 5 – What made the speaker qualified to give this speech?Paragraph 2: DeliverySentence 1 – What words were repeated or emphasized?Sentence 2 – Rate of speaking: Was it fast, medium, or slow? Did the speaker switch from one speed to another?Sentence 3 – Volume: Did the speaker speak softly, loudly, or did it vary?Sentence 4 – Did the speaker use a positive or negative tone?Sentence 5 – What non-verbal gestures did the speaker use? (eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, pauses)Paragraph 3: Overall impressionSentence 1 – What type(s) of persuasive appeals did the speaker use? (Logos is based on logic or reason. Ethos is based on the character, credibility, or reliability of the writer. Pathos, or emotional appeal, appeals to an audience’s needs, values, and emotional sensibilities.)Sentences 2 & 3 – Copy two quotes from the speech to give an example of this type of argument.Sentence 4 – Do you think the speech was successful? (tell why or why not

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