What should an effective introduction contain?

Greetings Scholars and welcome to Week 8!Our topic this week is Academic Essays: Introduction, Body, & Conclusion, which corresponds to chapter 12 in the textbook. Before you formulate your discussion post, please read the chapter to gather some information. Then, answer the following prompts in your initial post, and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts as well, paying attention to correct grammar, spelling, and overall mechanics.How does the thesis inform the structure of your paper, and how do the body paragraphs correspond to the main statements of the thesis?What should an effective introduction contain?What should an effective conclusion contain, and how is it related to the introduction?What is the role of transitions in an academic paper?Finally, share your research paper draft by attaching a file to your post for peer and instructor feedback. If you’re not quite finished yet, that’s fine; post as much of the draft as you want. Use the feedback to revise your draft before turning it in. When you give feedback to your classmates, you might want to use the handy checklist found on this page: Peer Review Checklist (Links to an external site.)

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