What is the relationship between population density and high speed rail adoption

What is the relationship between population density and high speed rail adoption This is the research paper, which topic is what is the effect of population density on high speed rail adoption? Research Paper: Write a full draft for your major project paper. The paper should consist of five sections: • Introduction • Data • Theory • Estimation • Results Detailed Requirements for All Sections Introduction The main purpose of the introduction is to tell the reader what you research is about. The introduction should do the following: • State your research question. • Explain why your research question is interesting. You may choose to briefly reference relevant literature or facts or data in the course of arguing that your research question is interesting or important, but you are not required to do so. • Provide an overview of how your project will address the research question. The overview of your project should not be viewed as a “contract” for what you will actually do for your major project. Rather, it should give a general statement of your current thinking on how you will approach answering the research question with data. What is most important is that it is easy for the reader to understand right from the beginning, precisely what your proposed paper is about, that the ideas are organized into clear, well-structured paragraphs, and that you “make a case” for why your project is worth doing. As a rough guide, for a paper that is fourteen pages long, the introduction should be about two pages.

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