What is the basis of critical design?

What is the basis of critical design? Directions: Students must answer all three essay questions in chronological order and are permitted only one examination book or are limited to 2000 words maximum if using a computer and working with the CSD. After 2000 words have been read no further text will be evaluated if exam is computer generated. Extra time does not mean extra work. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dicta: The questions that follow relate to quizzes 1, 2, and 3—but they’ve been elaborated so you can include more holistic information, since this is a cumulative final exam. You will be instructed to include certain readings (like with previous quizzes) and you will be expected to have a thesis, demonstrate a critical position, use case studies, and have a conclusion. But you will also be expected to show some understanding of the question within context of the entire class. How? By referring to texts, examples, and ideas from across the term. Just rewriting your original quiz is not enough. You are being tested on reading comprehension, your ability to use theory productively, and your ability to synthesize readings using written language based on topics, readings, and ideas covered within class content. Essentially, what do you now know? The quiz prompts will be more general than before, to allow you more space to answer creatively. You could start with your original quiz and add a new level of sophistication, then readdress your thesis within the constraints of examination prompts to synthesize knowledge. The basic requirements: 1. A clear thesis 2. At least three (3) readings from the course, cited correctly 3. At least one (1) material example to illustrate your point You are also being evaluated on the following: 1. Have you understood and incorporated several course concepts using multiple readings and examples from class? 2. Have you learned to theorize? Can you produce an organized argument with a clear thesis, using the methods we have been practicing this term? 3. Have you developed the critical skills and writing abilities to understand, interpret and organize knowledge at a university level?The questions: 1. Following from Quiz 1… What criteria might be used to define good design today? 2. Following from Quiz 2… What is the basis of critical design? 3. Following from Quiz 3… Is sustainable design just another marketing fantasy? The speculative design readings could be useful here… Marks will be posted within one week. Exams are not returned as per OCADU policy. Appointments may be made to review exams with the professor as per policy.

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