What do you think about the Michael Moore SICKO movie?

What do you think about the Michael Moore SICKO movie? The final exam is 25% (25/100) of your grade. Exam is on Chapters 0-14. You have 2 chances to take the exam – questions from your first exam may not be the same as the second one. Blackboard will randomly select the question for the exams you take. Blackboard will record the higher exam grade, so make sure you answer all questions – do not leave any questions blank. There are 42 questions, 2 essays, and 1 extra credit essay. To get the most of your time with the exam, I recommend that you complete the essays ahead of time and when the essay questions are being asked, all you need is to cut and paste it. DO NOT copy your answers from one another. If there is a duplicate answer, your score for that questions will be a ZERO. Use your own words to answer the questions. The true/false and multiple-choice questions are worth 0.45 point each – total worth is 15.9 points. Choose 2 essays which are worth 10 points – do not choose more than 1 essay to write. Remember to write down the title of the question that you are answering. Extra credit will be worth 3 points. If you get everything correct, the highest score you can obtain is 28.9. That means that 3.9 points are extra credit points. You have 2 chances to take the exam. If you take the exam twice, do not feel that you do not need to answer because if the essay is blank, your score will be ZERO. Blackboard will record the highest score. There will be NO MAKE-UP for this exam. If you miss the exam, your score will be a ZERO. You have 3 days to complete this exam, from Tuesday, June 25 at 12:01am to Thursday, June 27 at 11:59pm. After the due date of the exam, you have until Sunday, June 30 to view your exam once. Make sure you view your exam after the exam’s due date and by June 30. Below are the essay questions to help you prepare for the final exam. Make sure your writing is clear and that your grammar is correct. I will take points off for grammar, spelling, and typos if there are more than 3 mistakes. (CHOOSE 1 essay to answer. Write 250 words per essay. – 5 points) STUDENT PRESENTATION: Name and write about 5 student presentations that you observed. Describe what you learned from each of the 5 presentations and why each information was interesting and what have you learned. I expect a thoughtful description and explanation of each presentation. You need to write the title of the presentation; no need to write the students’ names. Write 250 Words. VULNERABLE GROUP: Name at least 6 vulnerable groups. Explain what makes each of these groups vulnerable. Define what does underserved population mean? How could vulnerable and underserved groups end up having poor health outcomes? What are the barriers these groups face? Explained how geographic areas can cause barriers in health care. What is Medical evacuation (aka Medivac)? Provide a scenario of a Medivac in a rural area. Be detailed. Write 250 Words. (CHOOSE 1 essay to answer. Write 250 words per essay. – 5 points) IDEAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: In your own words, what do you think is the best type of health care system that will save both the government and people money as well as providing optimal health? Remember to describe education, finance, types of facilities and care available. How will your plan work? What changes will you see in 0-5 years, 5-10 years, and after 10 years. Write 250 Words. HEALTH CARE COST: Explain why health care cost is so high in the United States. Describe what ways the United State could improve their health care budget, such as not use high technology, only serve those who have health insurance, etc. Explain why your suggestion may or may not work in the immediately future but your idea can work in a future 50 years from now. Explain the waste and abuse, fraud, and the overcharging in the system. Provide examples. Write 250 Words. (CHOOSE 1 extra credit to answer. Write 150 words per extra credit. – 3 points each question, 3 points total.) FIVE STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: (If you answered the STUDENT PRESENTATION question, do not describe the same presentation again. Describe a different presentation.) Which presentation made the most impression on you? Why was the impression so vivid? Explain how the presenter presented. How could the presenter improve the way they speak or present? Was the presenter explaining the topic clearly? What did you learn from the presentation? What would you change in that person’s presentation? Write 150 Words. SICKO: What do you think about the Michael Moore SICKO movie? Explain if you think the movie is more a propaganda, documentary, or satire. Explain if you think that all information in the movie is true or false. Explain if you feel if Michael Moore tells the entire story of both sides of the health care issue or does he only tell one side of the story? What are 3 things that most impressed you and 1 thing that does not impress you. Provide 3 sentences of your summary of the movie. Write 150 Words.

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