What challenges do you face in meeting your responsibilities?

Potential Interview Questions for the CIO or Clinical Informaticistattached is a list of potential questions for your CIO interview. Select 5 or 6 questions from this list for your interview. Select questions that interest you and are pertinent to the position of the person you are interviewing.Role of the Individual You Are Interviewing· What are the three most important responsibilities of your position?· What are your day-to-day responsibilities?· What challenges do you face in meeting your responsibilities?· What do you feel are essential skills and qualities that a CIO must possess?· What preparation and degrees does an individual need to be successful in your position?· How did you decide to focus on a career in IT?· How long have you been in your position and have the priorities of the position changed over time?· What area interests you most: application, data or infrastructure ?· What are the most important projects that you and your team are planning or working on now?· How do you keep your staff current when technology is constantly changing?· How do you motivate your staff in meeting the IT priorities?

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