Watch the following video: at Supreme Court Revenge (Links to an exte

Watch the following video:at WPBSTV.orgSupreme Court Revenge (Links to an external site.)Internet Link: (Links to an external site.)or at ELAC Films on DemandSupreme Court Revenge (Links to an external site.)Read the following article online:In Wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death, McConnell Reverses Course on Supreme Court Vacancy; Vows Vote on Nominee (Links to an external site.)Article in Word Format: Law 1 – In Wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death, McConnell Reverses Course.docx Download Law 1 – In Wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death, McConnell Reverses Course.docxReview the Federal Administration Dispute Resolution Act provisions:Administrative Dispute Resolution Act (Appendix H) (Links to an external site.)Act in Word Format: Federal Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 23. Appendix H.docx Download Federal Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 23. Appendix H.docxAnswer the following questions based on the textbook materials, lecture, PowerPoint presentation, video, and article. Questions number 1 to 7 are filled in the blank and others are needed to explain 4-6sentences.1) According to Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), regarding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment hearings “It was the epitome of a totally _______________ _______________.”2) Regarding the Kavanaugh hearings, “It looked like a product of the deep divisions in Washington today. ‘Destroying civility, and sowing chaos.’ But it had been decades in the making. ‘Senators who disrupt Supreme Court hearings? They might as well be in the audience with the protestors.’ And behind the scenes, one powerful Republican Senator, Majority Leader _______________ _______________ .”3) Through bruising confirmation battles, a struggle over ideology and power. ‘Packaging Clarence Thomas like a political candidate.’ ‘Expected to be one of the most contentious confirmation hearings…’ Ignited by a devastating defeat. ‘Rejecting the nomination of Judge Bork. >> Judge Bork, the long public ordeal.’ And a promise to _______________.”4) Regarding the (opposition to) Bork nomination hearings, “What was coming was a full on political assault led by Liberal Democrats, with protests, phone banks and attack ads. ‘So you’re using every technique and every tool at your disposal. And we’d never seen that before… It was the first moment that you saw all out ______________ over a Supreme Court nominee. It’s the first example of the politics of _______________ , of the modern era.5) Further, regarding the Bork hearings, ” It was a cast designed for classic television drama. The attackers, _______________ , Heflin, Metzenbaum, Lahey and Kennedy.”6) The Federalist Society was started as a student group in 1981, with Bork at Yale and _______________ _______________ at the University of Chicago as the Faculty Advisors7) Regarding filling the position on the Supreme Court after the death of Antonin Scalia, “Mitch McConnel doesn’t even wait for the day to end after Antonin Scalia dies to put out a statement saying, in effect, we’re not going to let President _______________ replace him.” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just releasing a statement->> this vacancy should not be filled until we have a _______________ _______________.”8) The sentence at the end of the video states “, Surgeons today removed two malignant nodules from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s left lung. The 85 year old is said to have fractured three ribs. RBG’s (Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s) health has become the subject of much attention”The article “In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death…” states:In a statement dictated in the days before her passing (Links to an external site.), Ginsburg said, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”and yet,‘Within two hours of the Supreme Court’s announcement (Links to an external site.) on Sept. 18 that pioneering liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died at age 87, six weeks before the presidential election, Sen. Mitch McConnell vowed in a statement (Links to an external site.) that President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace her would receive a Senate vote.It’s a markedly different approach than he took in the previous presidential election year of 2016, when a different Supreme Court justice died more than eight months before voters went to the polls to choose President Barack Obama’s successor.In February 2016, shortly after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, McConnell issued a statement saying, “This vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.” On March 1 of that year, he tweeted (Links to an external site.), “The American people will choose the next president who in turn will nominate the next Supreme Court justice. #LetThePeopleDecide.”McConnell went on to block Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, from receiving a confirmation hearing in the Senate.’How do you characterize the statements and actions of Senator Mitch McConnell regarding appointment of a replacement for Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just two hours after her death, and just 46 days before the Presidential election where there is a possibility for a new President? Explain______________________________Amy Coney Barrett has replaced Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court creating a 6-3 “conservative” majority. Has Mitch McConnell succeeded in out-maneuvering Democrats, appointing “conservative” judges, exacting retaliation and “Supreme Court Revenge”, and accomplishing his dream of reshaping the Supreme Court? Explain______________________________9) Congress passed the Federal Alternative Dispute Resolution act, for resolving disputes amicably through various ADR techniques when someone has a claim against the government with “The goal of ADR is to aid parties’ efforts in negotiating a settlement of all or part of the dispute. ” before, or outside of, adversarial proceedings. In doing so, this law passed by Congress encourages disputants to resolve their disputes. List 3 positive characteristics of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process:i) ______________________________ii) ______________________________iii) ______________________________Characterize the actions and behavior of the U.S. Congress, and how they manage disputes between their two major parties, in relation to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act. Does it appear that Congress is setting and following the same goals for itself, that it has legislated for others to follow? Explain______________________________10) One of the most interesting facets of Judge Bader Ginsburg’s life was her close relationship with Judge Antonin Scalia. They were almost always at opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to decisions of the Supreme Court. As attorneys we often battle fiercely in Court over legal issues, yet we strive to maintain civility and professional respect for one another. Judges Bader Ginsburg and Scalia often wrote scathing opinions in opposition to the other side’s view, yet they maintained a very close personal friendship that spanned decades.Regarding their relationship, “If you can’t disagree ardently with your colleagues about some issues of law and yet personally still be friends, get another job, for Pete’s sake,” is how Scalia once described their lifetime appointments.“We are two people who are quite different in their core beliefs, but who respect each other’s character and ability,” Ginsburg said of Scalia. “There is nobody else I spend every New Year’s Eve with.” If Supreme Court justices can be friends with the colleagues with whom they vehemently disagree regarding legal issues, certainly we can all do the same in society.Do you believe that this type of mutual respect and professionalism should be expected, even demanded, of our elected officials? Explain.______________________________

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