VISUAL ANALYSIS PAPER VISUAL ANALYSIS PAPER: For your midterm, you will write a short research paper analyzing the Representation of the Human Figure in Western Art.  Description of Assignment: Look through your text, class PPs, or a museum site to find an artwork that depicts the human form from an artistic period that we study in this class (in other words, European art from Renaissance – 20th century). In your paper, describe and analyze the representation of the human figure. Extra Credit (up to 15 points) will be offered if you bring a draft of you paper to class during week 3 for peer review. Criteria for Evaluation: Your essay should include the following: Identification of the Artwork and Illustration: Provide an image of your work of art with a label providing the artist’s name, title of work, and date of execution. Use MLA formatting guidelines. Analysis of the Human Figure: provide a strong, clear, and detailed analysis of the human figure as presented in the work of art. Describe the main figure(s) by their physical attributes and discuss the artist’s presentation of the figure with regard to emphasis, pictorial style, and subject matter. Analyze the figure and connect with aspects of identity: What is being communicated about identity and the body and how does this reflect the historical context? Throughout your essay, clearly connect your analysis of the human figure with a discussion on the form (space, use of perspective, focal point, light, color, etc.), the content (subject matter and ideas) and the context. Explain fully and clearly why the work of art exemplifies the particular period of its creation. Clearly address the impact of the historical context / cultural values of the period on the representation of the human figure. Writing Skills and Works Cited Page: Present your findings in writing that is well organized and mechanically competent. Use of art history terminology is required. Remember to spell / grammar-check and proofread. You must follow MLA guidelines. At least two academic research sources are required. List all research on a bibliography or works cited page.

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