Unilever/strategic management

Unilever/strategic management DescriptionAssignment QuestionWritten Assignment based upon Unilever Review the strategic decision to move their headquarters out of the United Kingdom using appropriate strategic management tools and resources to critically evaluate the decision and implications. • Look at the learning outcomes – you need to demonstrate that you have met these when completing the various tasks. • The work must be presented in standard English, word processed, double line spaced, show clarity of presentation and be coherently organised. • The work must demonstrate relevance and breadth of reference to appropriate literature. • Referencing must be the Harvard system of referencing. Use the school referencing booklet “Guidelines on Referencing in Academic Writing”, for guidance. You will be penalised for poor referencing. All references cited in the assignment must be included in a reference list. A bibliography i.e. a list of everything you have read is not required, whether cited or not. Knowledge & Understanding 1. Demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of strategic management. Cognitive &Intellectual Skills 2. Synthesise, appraise and evaluate management information and environmental evidence using these to develop strategic judgments. 3. Demonstrate intellectual flexibility in the development of strategic objectives. 4. Confidently identify and define complex strategic and environmental problems and apply knowledge to develop appropriate solutions. 6. Demonstrate effective, clear and fluent communication, one to one, in groupsteams using technology as appropriate 8. Select, apply and evaluate appropriate numerical and statistical methods for strategic decision making use table of contents, intro and conclusion RECOMMENDED- Lynch, R. Strategic Management, (2011), 6th ed, Financial Times, London Bilton, C and Cummings, S. Creative Strategy – Reconnecting Business and Innovation, (2010), John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex

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