Understanding Segmentation and Target Marketing In Tourism

Understanding Segmentation and Target Marketing In Tourism Write in APA 6th edition format. Write in as simple language as possible, AVOID using high end vocabulary. Cite properly and make sure you take a tourism / hospitality company or brand and then after doing the market segments for it you are to state how your company compares to the competition already in place. Take tourism victoria as an example and write about what customers they are targeting, age,gender,family or single, how many visitors are visiting, etcetra. Use that for this assignment. PAPER REQUIREMENT: Identify a specific geographic location/country and develop three potential target markets for the product/brand within that location, applying critical analysis to your research. Using segmentation characteristics and approaches, and any other applicable concepts from the course, evaluate and explain your reasons for these choices providing detail from research that evidences these choices for your product/brand would provide the most attractive and profitable outcomes. Please consult information from secondary sources written within the last two years or as reasonably fits your research needs to support your paper’s research. Either using a schematic or written statement, evaluate the relative attractiveness of each target market of this product/brand to the same industry at large (cruise industry, hotels, theme parks, etc.) in order of positive or negative impact on the markets. Justify your evaluations of each of the segment attractiveness criteria, so the reader understands your rationale. Specifically, choose one segment as the primary target market for the venture and justify this decision with greater detail. Word count between 1700-1800 words, not less and not more. This DOES NOT include Cover Page, Table of Contents page, References page, and appendices. Please keep each appendix within a 2-page limit. They are intended only to support the main report. Students are requested to use a MINIMUM OF 11 VALID AND RELIABLE RESEARCH SOURCES.

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