UAS Career Opportunity Exploration

UAS Career Opportunity Exploration UAS Career Opportunity Exploration Description: To help you better prepare for your future career, a good understanding of the job market and requirements is critical for you to make a successful strategic study plan as well as make the most use of your time and resources wisely at school. Each of you will choose one of primary UAS application areas to explore the potential career opportunities within the area. UAS application areas include but not limited to: 1. Agriculture 2. Construction 3. Infrastructure inspection 4. Media 5. Education 6. Research 7. Energy 8. Real Estate 9. Public safety For the selected field, your study should include but not limited to the following components: 1. A clear description of typical jobs in the selected field. 2. Current status of UAS applications in the field. For example, if UAS has already been used, what UAS is used for? how is it used? If UAS has not been used, what/how is the potential that UAS could be practically used? 3. A description of at least three hiring companies that are looking for UAS operators or potentially need UAS operators. You should specify the names of companies together with their corresponding job descriptions and requirements. Preferably, focus on local and mid-west regional companies. If there is no such company locally or regionally, expand your search to national level until you find the target companies. 4. A general description of the job requirements in specific field reflected from the hiring companies. What skillset is expected to be developed? Deliverables: 1. A study report (hardcopy) will be delivered by the end of this semester, deadline will be specified by the instructor. 2. The report should cover all components mentioned above and be written in APA format, at least 10 pages, double-spaced, and include all necessary references. The hardcopy report should also include a separate cover page.

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