True crimes – actus reas

True crimes – actus reas True crimes – actus reas Paper details1. ASSUME THAT THE ACTIONS THAT GAVE RISE TO THE GEORGIA CASE DESCRIBED ABOVE HAPPENED IN MARYLAND RATHER THAN GEORGIA. COULD THE DEFENDANT HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH FETICIDE UNDER MARYLAND LAW? Why or why not? 2. Now assume that the actions described in the article took place in Virginia. Could the defendant have been charged with feticide under Virginia law? Again, why or why not? 3. Find out whether Maryland follows a homicide related doctrine called the “year and a day rule”. 4. Apply what you’ve learned to a hypothetical scenario about a woman who is pushed onto some train tracks? 5, Protecting an Adult Son from Murder Charges ? Your ideas about whether family members should be exempt from criminal liability as accessories after the fact, when they cover up for spouses, children, parents or siblings ?

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