Topic: Managing Sex Offenders: Politics and Policies Watch the 2016 documentary,

Topic: Managing Sex Offenders: Politics andPoliciesWatch the 2016 documentary, Untouchable,by David Feige. Then answer the following questions:Managing Sex Offenders: Politics andPoliciesThe final assignment should be 6 pages long,double-spaced using default font and margins. When using outside sources, besure to cite them using APA format. No more than 10% of yourpaper should be direct quotes. Paraphrase and write in your own words todemonstrate your comprehension of the course material. Remember the course you arein – Criminal justice Administration and Ethics. I expect you tointegrate material from the course into your written assignments.Recommended Submission FormatCover Page: Introduction of the TopicQuestion #1: What is our “justice discourse”when referencing sex offenders?Question #2: Is Ron Book a moralentrepreneur? Why or why not?Question #3: What role does languageplay in the administration of justice?Question #4: Does “justice discourse”contribute to ethical punishment?ConclusionWork Cited*Please see the attachment for details.

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