This research paper is designed to offer you practice in several critical thinki

This research paper is designed to offer you practice in several critical thinking skills crucial for success in upper division coursework. These include the ability:To construct an argument composed of a claim, adequate support, a counterargument and refutation and a conclusionTo compare, contrast, and analyze and synthesize ideasTo work with a variety of sources obtained through library researchTo summarize and paraphraseTo execute the MLA style correctlyDirectionsOur course anthology, Rereading America offers us an exploration of various social themes under the guise of cultural myths. The text explores many cultural myths in the areas of family, gender, equality, and issues of individual privacy, to name a few. Using one of these themes as your context, select a controversial social or political issue open to debate and take a position on it.A good way to approach this paper is to think of an issue that lends itself to a public policy you would support—or think of a current policy you reject.Write an 7-10 page argument in which you follow the classical arrangement and in which you support your position with research from a variety of sources. Important stipulation: One cited source for your essay must come from the anthology Rereading America. You will submit a Works Cited page for your research paper. If you write at least 7 pages, note that your Works Cited page will not count as the 7th page. The Works Cited page will count as your 8th page. Your essay should consist of at least 7 to 10 pages of writing and you must cite from at least 8 outside sources such as:Scholarly Sourcesacademic/scholarly journal articlesencyclopediase-books written for an academic audiencePopular Sourcesmagazinesnewspapersebooks written for a general audienceOther types of Sources Such Ascredible websites (.gov/.edu/.org)podcastspersonal interviewsyoutube videosGuidelinesFollow the research paper outlineUse a formal toneUse direct quotations and occasional paraphrasesFormat your paper according to MLA style guidelinesAttach the list of the Works Cited—DO NOT attach your annotated bibliography.Must be at least 7 pages long

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