This portion of the exam is based on a poem that I will provide you on the exam.

This portion of the exam is based on a poem that I will provide you on the exam. You will be asked to examine the poem through one of the critical lenses we have explored in this class. This questions should serve as the basis for a well-crafted 3-4 paragraph response. Your score will be determined based on your ability to answer the prompt I provide and on the quality of your writing in your response.REQUIREMENTSYour essay response should do the following:Include an introductory paragraph and at least two body paragraphs (Note: no conclusion is necessary, but you may include one if you feel you have time to compose one).Your body paragraphs should contain a clear and accurate topic sentence.Each body paragraph should provide specific evidence from the story in the form of quotations.Use a / to indicate line breaks in the quotations.Use correct in-text citations for your quotations (Note: no works cited listing is necessary)Be proofread and generally free of grammatical errors (Note: I realize that this is a timed writing assignment and that your essay response will not be as polished as the papers you write for the course.)RECOMMENDATIONYou would be well served by taking 10 minutes to outline your essay before you begin writing on the exam. This will help you meet the requirements for the thesis statement, the topic sentences, and the quotations.

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