This lab is to get you to a clear sense of your research proposal due at which

This lab is to get you to a clear sense of your research proposal due at which is due May 17. The research proposal is the final project for this class which is a culmination of the semester’s reading, thinking, and skills-building. Drafting a proposal illustrates that you understand how the research process builds knowledge about international affairs and global justice. I hope that the assignment gives you an opportunity to investigate something about which you are genuinely curious.Review the assignmentIn specific, this assignment requires you to begin to map out the following which are the key sections for the proposal due for this course (these are the recommended length requirements for the full proposal):Introduction: An introduction lays out the puzzle of the research project. Beginning with a “hook” that draws the reader in–in two to three pages– present the research question that your research proposal addresses. Provide data on the issue, perhaps using or creating tables or graphs; this is your preliminary research. Outline the historical and broader context: is the problem new? have things changed recently? is this problem unique to the context(s) you are studying?Literature review: A literature review reviews what is known about the puzzle, helping you conceptualize your key concepts and understand the expected relationship between the variables. In approximately three to four pages, summarize the key studies that have addressed this issue, including the relevant course texts and some outside research. Such studies include the important academic or non-academic books on the topic, governmental or think-tank reports, and academic journal articles.Model: In approximately one to two pages, lay out your causal model, your key variables, and summarize several expected answers (hypotheses) to answer your research question.Research method: In approximately three pages,outline your subject of study, specifying the timeframe, sample, and unit of analysis, explaining why you have selected the particular subject or casedescribe how you are going to operationalization your variablesdescribe your method of data collection: what kind of data do you plan to use and how you would collect these data?possible methods include: examining existing statistical data, conducting a survey, content analysis (analysis of frames), archival research, interviews, participant observation (ethnography), experiments, reviewing the primary or secondary sourcesidentify the method(s) of data analysis: how do you plan to examine your hypotheses in light of these data? is your project primarily quantitative or qualitative?possible methods include: case study (critical or deviant), comparative method (MSS or MDS), cross-national studies, within-case comparison, statistical analysis, process tracingconsider the accuracy of your researchare you privileging reliability or validity?how are you addressing the confirmation bias? addressing counter arguments and hypotheses?consider the feasibility of the research, addressing what kind of resources and skills you would need (please note that Brooklyn College does have funds for student research, including travel funds, that are often underutilized)Justification: In one final paragraph, explain why this question is of such importance that it warrants study. How does the research have practical significance or contribute to building political science theory?PLEASE EMAIL ME OR MESSAGE ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS.

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