This is for consulting. Case study attached The case study notes: “The PMO’s pow

This is for consulting. Case study attachedThe case study notes: “The PMO’s powerful role in delivering change also reflects a new level of maturity. The PMO’s initial charter was administrative, overseeing development of project templates and providing training for project managers for a 120-year-old firm that operates in seven markets across six countries.”Part 1: Briefly (250-500 words total) answer these three questions about the case study:In what ways did Triglav Group change its PMO’s mission?In this module, we explored three different types of PMOs: Supporting, Controlling, and Directive. What are some ways Triglav Group demonstrated functions that align with each of those PMO types?What benefits does this PMO bring to the Triglav Group enterprise? How does the PMO make an impact?Part 2: Program CharterThe Triglav Group case study focused on the PMO’s role in supporting the governance of the program. While the PMO was instrumental in guiding the company through the transformation, it was also necessary for Triglav to formally establish the transformation program to provide a reason for this PMO to exist.Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a Triglav executive who is the program sponsor for this major organizational priority. One of the key steps in the definition of the program is developing a program charter.Develop a draft charter for Triglav Group’s Digital Transformation Program that includes the below components. Use insights gleaned from the Triglav Group case study to envision how the below components would be populated to generate a program charter for this program.Justification. Why is the program important and what does it achieve?Vision. What is the end state and how will it benefit the organization?Strategic Alignment. What are the key strategic drivers?Benefits. What are the key outcomes to achieving the program vision?Scope. What is the high-level scope?Benefit Strategy. What is the high-level approach to achieve program benefits?Assumptions/Constraints. What are high-level considerations that shape or limit program objectives?Components. How are the projects and other program components configured to deliver the program?Risks and Issues. What are the initial risks and issues to consider?Timeline. What is the total length of the program, including key milestone dates?Resources Needed. What are the estimated program costs and resources needed?Stakeholder Considerations. Who are the key stakeholders and what is the initial strategy to engage them?Program Governance. What is the recommended structure to manage, control, and support the program? Who is the program manager?Be sure to cite work where appropriate.

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