The purpose of the Organization Essay is to apply the tools learned in Unit 3 on

The purpose of the Organization Essay is to apply the tools learned in Unit 3 on Organization to write an organized essay that hasboth focus and shape.Here are the details:1. Do some brainstorming, freewriting, reaction, etc. to come up with an essay topic. It could be a topic from your Reader Responsein the last Unit, or it can be a whole different topic.2. When you get a specific topic, create a thesis using the Topic + Claim About Topic = Thesis formula in this unit. Also, consider thetools of audience and expectation for this essay. The audience is going to be your instructor, but you might be thinking of otherreaders as well. The expectation is this is a formal college essay.3. Now that you have your thesis, spend some time thinking of at least 3 points to support the thesis. Yöu should have at least 3points for an essay this size but no more than 5.4. Develop an outline where you have your introduction, the body made up of 3 to 5 points and a conclusion.5. Now that you have an outline, you will write your essay. This is just a matter of writing in the details for each of the points that youlisted in your outline.6. After writing your essay, spend some time revising and editing. Are there points you want to add or go more in-depth with tosupport your thesis? Did you proofread for mechanical errors?7. Give the essay a title.

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