The Postcolonial Constellation

The Postcolonial Constellation Choose and research on a contemporary artist or art collective (artists who work together) whose work you identify with and write a research paper. You will need to conduct additional research in the library or on the internet to complete this paper, however, only peer-reviewed readings will be accepted as valid sources. Remember to use your own words, avoid multiple citations. Your paper should be typed, double spaced, font Times New Roman, 12pt. Upload the file on Blackboard by May 17 – midnight. 1. Paper (60 points) – Total: around 1,100-1,500 words. A. Contextualize the Artist’s Practice – around 2-3 pages (20 points): Write about the artist’s career and provide as much context as you see fit. For example: What type of art does this artist make? Is the artist in dialogue with any past art movement or artistic traditions? Make sure you have a clear thesis statement. B. Situate the artist’s practice in relation to contemporary art – around 1 page (15 points) “Contemporary art today is refracted, not just from the specific site of culture and history but also––and in a more critical sense-–from the standpoint of a complex geopolitical configuration that defines all systems of production and relations of exchange as a consequence of globalization after imperialism. It is this geopolitical configuration, its post imperial transformations, that situates what I call here ‘the postcolonial constellation.’” –– Okwui Enwezor, The Postcolonial Constellation: Contemporary Art in a State of Permanent Transition After reading the quote above by curator and writer Okwui Enwezor, in your paper include a discussion of the following questions: – What is Enwezor trying to convey in this excerpt? – How does your artist represent the present times through his/hers/their practice? – Is the artist you chose interested in topics related to globalization or in post-imperial transformations that have happened in the world? Explain why or why not. C. Visual Analysis of Artworks – around 1-2 pages (15 points) Choose 2 (two) artworks by this artist to focus on. Develop a visual analysis of these artworks (describe how these artworks look like). What is the artist’s intent? What is the artist representing with these works? D. Conclusion (around half a page) (5 points). E. Bibliography. (5 points) Cite at least one text from our syllabus and three texts of outside research. For this paper, only peer-reviewed articles will be accepted.

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