The Joint Planning Process

The Joint Planning Process The Joint Planning ProcessPaper details Your answers to the exam questions must be typed and double-spaced throughout, and must use Times New Roman 12-pitch font and one-inch margins. Write your answers as complete sentences, not as bulletized comments. Note: Regurgitating doctrine is NOT enough. You must be able to APPLY operational design and JOPP. The primary reading for the exam is Chapter II “Operation Chromite” of Joint Military Operations Historical Collection (dated 15 July 1997). Use ONLY the version in this lesson. Read this document thoroughly, and then answer the exam questions. The primary doctrinal reference is Joint Publication 5-0 The Operations Process (2011). Other references include: • JP 1-0 Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States (2013) • JP 1-02 DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (2014) • JP 3-0 Joint Operations (2017)

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