The Grimm Brothers provide an example of those a.German intellectuals who, wan

The Grimm Brothers provide an example of thosea.German intellectuals who, wanting to collaborate with Napoleon’s empire, rejected ideas of German nationhoodb.old-school conservatives who supported the Prussian king in the Frankfurt Parliamentc.intellectuals inspired by Romantic ideas about German nationhoodd.liberal economists who advocated German industrializationQUESTION 2The Sadler Committee, which highlighted many of the abuses of child and female labor in Britain’s early factory system – was mostly led bymiddle-class liberals who wanted to improve conditions for Britain’s working poorconservatives who wanted to discredit the new factory system as immoral and unnaturalconservatives who wanted to repeal the Corn Lawsliberals who wanted to repeal the Corn LawsQUESTION 3The Luddites were a group ofentrepreneurs who played a leading role in creating England’s factory systemdesperate craftsmen who lashed out at early industrialism by smashing factory machineryRomantic poets and artists whose work protested the early ravages of industrialismdissenting Protestants who claimed Martin Luther was the AntichristQUESTION 4It would be fair to say that Klemens von Metternich sought to “restore” Europe to the good old days prior to the French Revolution becausehe feared the lower classes were getting out of handhe feared the middle classes were getting out of handhe wanted to restore nationalism as a guiding principle of governmenthe wanted to restore the influence of Enlightenment ideas in European affairsQUESTION 5Edmund Burke argued that the inheritance of private property was vitally necessary because it wouldencourage Britain’s industrial growth by promoting middle-class wealthprotect London’s bankers against unscrupulous financial speculatorsenable conservative, land-holding elites to prevail over the kind of ambitious, energetic men who led the French Revolutionwould promote land reform in the English countrysideQUESTION 6The invention of the steam engine led to what major innovation in Britain’s industrial revolution?the invention of the spinning jennythe emergence of new cottage industries across the English countrysidethe consolidation of dispersed cottage industry into factoriesthe growing use of petroleum instead of coalQUESTION 7The Corn Laws triggered widespread protest becausethey led to falling prices for agricultural products, especially grainthey kept grain prices at artificially high levels, which imposed hardships upon most consumersthey violated English tradition by promoting free trade doctrinesthey reflected the growing power of industrialists in British governmentQUESTION 8The French liberal Francois Guizot was known forhis elitist ideas about voting rightshis support for public educationhis support for France’s monarchyall of the aboveQUESTION 9According to Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifestor, communism would eventually triumph becauseit was the morally right thing to dothe logic of historical development made communism’s triumph inevitablethe international communist movement was a powerful conspiracy far more clever than its unimaginative middle-class opponentsthe modern state (government), by becoming more democratic, would in the end be overwhelmed by the voting power of the new proletarian majorityQUESTION 10Having gained a major reform of Britain’s electoral laws in 1832, middle-class liberals pushed through a new Poor Law in 1834 thatcreated a generous new support system for Britain’s working poorcreated workhouses that often separated working-class parents from their childrenended the Corn Lawsoutlawed the Chartist movement that advocated for working-class voting rights.

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