The Assignement: Please note that the purpose of this paper is not to provide yo

The Assignement: Please note that the purpose of this paper is not to provide your own points regarding the premise of the article. Rather your purpose is to focus on the logical gaps in the article by considering issues with: logic, completeness, language errors, any of the obstacles to critical thinking etc. While we have not covered all logical fallacies in detail yet, you are welcome to explore logical fallacies as a way to support your evaluation.Methodology – As a guideline, in the body of the paper you must:1. Identify the main argument.2. Identify the premises/claims of the argument in the article that you have chosen, including any sub-claims. Also, identify the conclusion. Include any hidden claims/conclusions. Remember to remain neutral.3. Identify errors of logic in the structure of the argument. Review your lecture notes for possible errors of logic. As an example, are there any unwarranted assumptions made? Or, another example would be to ask if the argument is incomplete?4. Offer logical suggestions for how the author could have corrected or ‘filled’ in any gaps or errors in logic.5. Make sure to include your own main conclusion in the introduction. This conclusion must tell the reader whether you are arguing that the article is effective or not because of or in spite of any logical or structural errors.What you will be evaluated on:1. Does the paper meet all stated requirements?2. Your logic – is there a clear thesis? Are there clear premises? Is there credible support?3. Clarity of language. This includes issues of grammar, spelling etc.4. Accuracy – especially in applying course concepts. In other words, does the paper demonstrate mastery of course concepts?5. Is the analysis detailed? Does it offer logical ways to address issues found?6. Is the paper organized/structured in a logical manner?

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