The answer that you will try to answer throughout the whole paper is what are Th

The answer that you will try to answer throughout the whole paper is what are The Influences on Moral and Prosocial Development in childhood and then later into adulthood. You can answer these questions within the literature review paper using subheadings as shown in the example, please that I have attached.The measures used in this area need improvement.Research in this area is ignoring a critical hypothesis, which is…Sex Differences in this area are showing up and need further study.Theory in this area is weak because…Some possible alternative interpretations of typical findings in this area are…, so future research needs to…to rule them out.The organization of the paper can follow this pattern.What is the central question that your paper addresses? What made you interested in the topic area?Describe relevant research that helped you better understand the question. What have other researchers who study similar topics found?What could be the future research projects that can be done to understand the issue/topic better?Give a brief conclusion–the main “take-home” message.As a theoretical paper, you should draw upon contemporary scientific literature – based mainly on peer-reviewed scientific journals. The document format should be double spaced, with 12-point Times Roman 1.0 inch margins all around. Also, Keep quotations to a minimum (not more than 2-3 for the paper). Instead, paraphrase, i.e., write the other author’s (s) ideas in your own words and give that author credit at the end of your paraphrased sentence.I have also attached an example of an A+paper that I would like you to follow to a complete tee; that is what the format and structure should look like. If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

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