Text Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Read these two articles: Bours, A. (2022, Fbruary

Text Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.Read these two articles:Bours, A. (2022, Fbruary 14). CIOs Guide to 10 Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends For 2022.https://www.hyro.ai/post/cios-guide-10-emerging-healthcare-technology-trends-2022Gupta, N. (2022, February 25). Five healthcare IT trends to watch out for in 2022.https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/02/25/five-healthcare-it-trends-to-watchout-for-in-2022/?sh=758349697711For the reading assignment you were asked to read two articles that listed healthcare trends for 2022 and beyond. Pick one of the trends from either of these articles to focus on for your DQ2 response. SUPER IMPORTANT: you can pick any trend except “#2 Telehealth.” We’ll be using that topic for the Report assignment.Please put the text aside while you are drafting your response so it captures your unique “voice.”In your DQ response include the following:a. Use a heading and include the name of the trend (in-text cite the article too)b. Summarize the trend. Please don’t copy right from the article–paraphrase and put it into your own words!!c. Tell us how this trend could possibly impact the care of somebody in your own life–a family member or friend or coworker who has a health issue or condition. How could it improve their care? (This is the most important part of your DQ post, so give this some extra reflection. Be super concrete and specific as to “how” and “why”)d. Include citations per APA guidelines: In-text citations, and (important) reference the article at the end of your post.

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