TESOL-Teaching language through literature

TESOL-Teaching language through literature DescriptionProduce a lesson plan and rationale, using literature to teach language. Design a lesson plan which could be used with a level and type of class you are teaching or have taught. The lesson must use some type of literature as material. You must also design a lesson rationale showing why the piece has been chosen for this particular class and explaining and justifying the choices in the lesson, i.e. why this piece of literature uses in the way it was. The rationale must be supported by reading. The lesson plan and references are not included in the word count. The level for my chosen context is B1, and they are between the age of 15-17, Chinese high school students. They have been learning English for several years. Please use the template provided to design the lesson plan, and I will provide the main material, any additional material the writer needs to provide them and put them into appendices with the lesson plan. 

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