Supply Chain management practices of a hospital

Supply Chain management practices of a hospital Research the Supply Chain management practices of a hospital Complete an APA 7 to 10 paper page on the supply chain management of a hospital. Use scholarly journal to support the project. Use 3 subject areas . You should incorporate Core Values as it relates to the hospital. Example: the hospital is Valley Healthcare System and my selected topics are JIT (just in time), supply chain strategy and negotiations.(these are the 3 subjects). Also present a power point presentation summarizing the written assignment with time limit of 20 minutes (5 slides) The contract values of the hospital are: Service, proud to collaborate with and serve patients, families, community and each other. Excellence, maintaining the highest standards of care at all the times. Respect, everyone is treated with dignity and sensitivity. Value, providing high quality patient and family centered healthcare services efficiently and effectively to all. Ethics, being honest and fair in all they say and do.

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