Stressors and Stress Reactions

Stressors and Stress Reactions Stressors and Stress ReactionsPaper details Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing./An outline page is mandatory for the paper Important questions to answer in the paper:  Report empirical results (individual studies, meta-analyses, literature reviews)  Discuss the empirical results in a critical way: What can we learn from them? What remains unclear – what needs to be examined in research?  Show the practical relevance – what are implications for practice? What is a typical taxonomy of stressors?  What are the differences between challenge and hindrance stressors?  What are important short-term and long-term stress reactions? What is the empirical evidence on stressor-strain relationships?  What can organizations / individuals learn from the taxonomies and empirical results? Mandatory References : (the paper should have 10 resources or references including these mandatory ones) Sonnentag, S. & Frese, M. (2003). Stress in organizations. In: Borman, Ilgen, & Klimoski (eds.), Handbook of Psychology, Volume 12: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Hoboken: Wiley, pp. 453-491. Note: Relevant for your topic are only p. 453-457 (“The Stress Concept”) AND p. 460- 467 (“Empirical evidence: Main Effects of Stressful Situations on Individual Well-Being and Health”). LePine, J. A., Podsakoff, N. P., & LePine, M. A. (2005). A meta-analytic test of the challenge stressorhindrance stressor framework: An explanation for inconsistent relationships among stressors and performance. Academy of Management Journal, 48(5), 764-775. Podsakoff, N., LePine, J., & LePine, M. (2007). Differential challenge stressor-hindrance stressor relationships with job attitudes, turnover intentions, turnover, and withdrawal behavior: A metaanalysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(2), 438-54. doi:10.1037/0021-9010.92.2.438

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