Statement of Stockholder’s equity

Statement of Stockholder’s equity  To answer the questions below please refer to the following website: ( SEC 10-K Facebook) or try the link below Category: Reporting Stockholders’ Equity 1. Explain the relevancy of your company’s statement of stockholders’ equity. Your comments should include column titles as well as line items. Any surprises related to items not included or items displayed? What changes do you observe? An example would be treasury stock. 2. Retained earnings or accumulated deficits: comment on the activity reporting, including references to previous fiscal year activity. Category: Common Stock, Dividends, and other activity 1. Describe activity for this fiscal year and others disclosed relating to common stock, dividends, and related activity. 2. Comment on concepts such as stock compensation and stock options. What do you learn from the notes to the financial statements regarding these items? Category: Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income / (Loss) 1. Compare and contract items in the area of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income / (Loss) for this fiscal year with other years disclosed in the statement of shareholders’ equity. 2. Provide additional details about accumulated other comprehensive income based on your review of the notes to the financial statements.

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