Socrates & Plato were critical of the Sophists who argued that truth is a matter of opinion

Socrates & Plato were critical of the Sophists who argued that truth is a matter of opinion Topic Socrates & Plato were critical of the Sophists who argued that truth is a matter of opinion. That is, the Sophists argued that with the exception of basic truths about the physical world, that all our beliefs are just a matter of convention and thus there are no objective truths. Are the Sophists correct? Are all our beliefs just a matter of subjective opinion so that there are no objective truths for most of our beliefs or are they wrong about this? Write an essay where you take a position on this issue. Requirements It’s an argumentative essay, which means you should take a stance on a position. That is, you are going to defend a particular conclusion. Here’s an example of what I mean: “In this essay, I am going to argue that human beings do not have genuine freedom of the will.” Resources: you should use at least 3 or 4 academic sources other than the textbook. Academic sources refers to things like other books, journal articles, essays in anthologies, etc. A non-academic source is using information from a blog on the internet, wikipedia, material from a magazine like “cosmopolitan” or “People.” At the end of the essay there should be a works cited page where you provide the bibliographic information for the sources you used. The particular style is open (APA) Regardless of the topic you use, the essay should have the following outline or structure: Intro & thesis: Provide an introductory paragraph to your topic and state your thesis. The thesis refers to the position that you will be defending in the essay. A good example is the one given above under point 2. Here’s another: “My essay will maintain that the design argument provides probable evidence that God exists.” Supporting arguments: In this part of the essay you provide 2 or more supporting arguments for your position. At a minimum, you should have TWO arguments that you will describe. Each argument or consideration or support should be explained in a separate paragraph. Objection: In this part of the essay, you will describe what you consider to be the strongest objection to your position and attempt to respond to that objection. There should be two paragraphs in this section. One paragraph describes the objection. The other paragraph contains your response to the objection. Conclusion: In your concluding paragraph you will briefly answer the following question in a brief paragraph: Why is it important to take the position that you are defending in this essay?

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