slide presentation that presents a crisis situation of particular interest to yo

slide presentation that presents a crisis situation of particular interest to you in a specific location, and of particular relevance to the work setting and the service users you intend to serve. Your presentation must:Provide a title slide.Identify the crisis and categorize it: situational, developmental, existential or ecosystemic. (1 slide)Describe your current sense of readiness/preparedness to respond to this crisis. (1 slide)Present how your own values, beliefs, experiences, and cultural identity that might influence how you work with service users. (1 slide)Present 1 specific cultural humility challenge or cultural reflexivity challenge you see in the scenario you present. (1 slide)Identify 3-5 possible initial crisis reactions service users may experience. (1 slide)Describe a treatment model you would choose. (2 slides)Compile a list of at least 5 agencies that can serve as a resource guide that you can hand out to service users. Your resource list should include at least 3 local resources (within 50 miles). If you cannot provide 3 local resources, provide a justification. (2 slides)Provide a Word document handout of the resources you would distribute to service users with detailed information on the following:Name of agencyPopulation servedServices providedPhysical addressWeb linkContact informationDescribe your plan to minimize the risk of burnout, vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and countertransference for your team. (1 slide)Describe the leadership characteristics you will bring to this team. Include how your role as leader can influence positive social change. (1 slides)Provide a reference slide. (1-2 slides)

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