Sacred scripture

Sacred scripture  Instruction:Make sure that explain them clearly. You don’t need to write the words of question. Just write down the anwser after the number of the question. For instance: 1. balabala. 2. …. Section A: Old Testament 3. What are some of the major differences between the first creation story (Genesis 1) and the second creation story (Genesis 2)? With the help of the documentary hypothesis, mention and explain the source of each story. In other words, from which tradition (JEDP) does the first creation story and the second creation story come? Why? Give at least four reasons. 6. Mention any four purity laws in the Book of Leviticus and explain why purity laws were prominent in the life of the Jewish people? What is the relevance of purity laws in society today? 7. Discuss the four types of sacrifices in the Hebrew tradition. What is the importance of sacrifices to the ancient Jewish people? What is the significance of sacrifices for society today? Section B: The New Testament 2. Name the Synoptic Gospels and explain why they are called “synoptic.” What is the Synoptic Problem? Explain the four-source hypothesis as a solution to the Synoptic Problem. Discuss the significant differences between the Synoptic narratives of the Baptism of Jesus. How do the differences address the theological concerns of each author? 4. For whom did Matthew write his Gospel? In other words, who was Matthew’s audience? What evidence from Matthew’s Gospel leads to these conclusions? In Matthew’s Gospel, what is Jesus’ view of the Law of Moses? Does he do away with it all? Should his followers keep it? How? Why? 5. What are the possible explanations for the identity of “Theophilus,” in Luke’s Gospel, and why would Luke dedicate the Gospel to him? What is distinctive about Luke’s genealogy of Jesus? What is the relevance of the uniqueness to the Lukan community and for believers today? 6. Scholars often refer to Luke’s Gospel as the Gospel of Social justice. With the help of examples, discuss Luke’s concern for justice in the early Christian context. How is this reflected in a comparative study of “The Beatitude” in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke? How does Martin Luther King’s “I have been to the Mountain Top,” or “The Parable of the Rich Fool,” function within Luke’s social agenda?

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