Royal Dutch Shell Ratio Analysis

Royal Dutch Shell Ratio Analysis  Use the following Shell Financial Reports as the reference source: Royal Dutch Shell plc Annual Report and Form 20-F 2014 ( Shell Annual Report 2015 ( Shell Annual Reports and Publications ( Using the most recent Shell data, select and calculate any ten ratios of your choice calculated from any of the financial reports (10 Points) See Morningstar’s Financials ( and MarketWatch ( for guidance. Attach a spreadsheet or include the calculations in a separate page of the text document. Explain why each selected ratio is important to Shell’s international operations by incorporating insight gained from your RDS SWOT analysis. (10 points). Cite the specific Shell website page related to the data and information used. Do not use or cite a third party source that has performed a Shell Ratio analysis. Cite the specific module and text or class notes page that applies.

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