Routines Based Interview

Routines Based Interview  This is a Routines-Based Interview that you will ask questions and answer the questions as if you were the family. The child’s name is D.S. (I’m only using initials) He is a 3-Year old male with Down Syndrome. Look over the family Preparation Form (Attached) to prepare and create questions for the interview. Provide detailed information on the Families Concerns, Priorities, and Routines for the child by conducting the interview and summarizing. One page should be an ECO Map. There is a link provided below and a file attached to explain how to do an ECO MAP. Make sure it is written legibly. • Use the “Family Preparation Form” – Attached in the files to assist in preparing for interview/types of questions to ask. • Refer to text and video clip of how to construct an Eco Map • Common Routines-Based Interview questions to assist in preparing interview/questions to ask (in order). The purpose of this assignment is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the family system elements that shape the family’s perspectives on their concerns, priorities, and routines. This report should cover the major areas listed in the Routines Based Interview (RBI): • Family characteristics (family as whole, personal characteristics, special challenges) • Family Concerns • Family Priorities (for their child & family) • Family Routines • Preferred Outcomes You may be as creative as you wish in preparing for this report. You must develop an ECO Map to represent the scope of the family. There must be TEXT/WRITING to explain the ECO map. The project will be submitted using basic APA format (title page with running head, pagination, 1 inch margins, appropriate citations, reference page). Be sure to read over, edit, and spell check your document before submitting!!!! *Also there is a Family Assessment -SPED 688 File attached. This can help with summarizing and creating this assignment. Video on how to develop an ECO MAP

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