* Read the peer’s work and write a meaningful response. Do not merely agree or d

* Read the peer’s work and write a meaningful response. Do not merely agree or disagree with the peer’s work. Do not rewrite the Peer’s work as your own* Add valuable information to the topic to make it further information and grow.* Any citations use must be highlighted and reference paged attached.*Plagiarism is a serious penalty; please make sure to use your own words and provide citations and references for any sources you utilize in your responses.* Please attach a plagiarism reportPEER’S WORKThe coding system is used for reimbursement and analytical purposes. In addition, it is also used by gathering data to monitor incidences associated with the patient.HIPPA decided to categorize the reasons why a person would visit a physicains office or hospital. This was done in 2 diffenert categories to what the visit or procuduces were for and to make sure the billing was done with the right codes for the purpose of the visit on behalf of the insurance.The first category is diagnosis codes which are coded by using the ICD-10-CM codebook which contains about 68,000 codes. They have brokendown this codebook to up to 3 categories to help with the diagnostic of the patient’ssymptoms and how to bill them and the insurance companies. These categoies include: Aplhabetic Index of disease, Tabular List of disease, and Officail Guidelines of coding and reporting.The second category is the procedural also know as the (CPT) which was requestd by the federal government for medicare and medicaid services. It is also brokendown into 3 different categories. With category 1 being the most common. Which is the Evaluation and Management this category is based on the history, physical examination, and evidence of medical decisions of the patient’s. Category 2 are based on supplemental codes which are used by researchers tocollect data, track illnesses and diseases, and measure quality of care. And category 3 is used to minimize the number of codes bot listed from being submitted for services.The coding system is a very important tool used in the medical field to ensure that the physician’s office is reporting the right reasons for the office visit and the right codes being used to bill the patient and insurance companies. Without the oding system in place fraud would be at a higher level and could occur more often.Refences: The Electronic Health Record for the Physician’s Office for SimChart by Julie Pepper

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