Psychology Proposal

Psychology Proposal  Write out a short proposal for your research. The final paper will have to answer the following questions: (What is microsociology? How does sociological social psychology differ from psychological social psychology? Describe the norms, social structure and group relations. What sociological social psychology theory or theories can be used to understand your observations? This should be the biggest part of your paper!) Give me a general explanation of the sociological social psychological principles and theories you expect to use in your paper. Justify why you think the theory works or why it doesn’t. Tell me why you think that your topic is important. Does this theory change your perspective on certain issues or within your personal life? The text from which we use listed below. PDF can be provided if needed Rohall, David E., Melissa A. Milkie and Jeffrey W. Lucas. 2014. Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives, 3rd ed. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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