Psychology– Human Growth and development.

Psychology– Human Growth and development. This course is Psychology– Human Growth and development. read the instructions very well and make sure nothing is left out. Leave a message here for me in case you need any information from me. Reflect on three developmental milestones in your experience, from the three developmental age (That’s early childhood birth to 8 years, middle childhood 8-12 years, and adolescence 12-18 years.) Describe each experience, explaining it from the perspective of “story” in life. One of the experiences should include involvement with a diverse population or relate to interacting with an individual, group or setting that is of a different ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status than you. Describe the social and cultural context in which your experience occurred. Analyze the ways in which the subsequent milestones relate to or were influenced by the first. Speculate on how these milestones might influence your future development in a particular area. Draw on and incorporate into your paper specific developmental theories for your analysis. The paper is primarily a self-reflection, not a research-based paper. • Times News Roman • 12 fonts • Double-space • At least one theorist • Cover page • Running head • Page numbers • References: o Testbook o 1 Journal o 2 additional resources

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