Program Evaluation Process

Program Evaluation Process Provide an explanation of how a logic model might be used in the evaluation of the Santa Ana College Child Development and Education Studies 107( CDEV107) course in preparation for your work on the program evaluation committee. To prepare: Review the Program Evaluation Logic Model Flowchart (attached). Review CDEV 107 syllabus (attached) Review CDEV 107 Student Learning Outcomes ( attached) Write: a two page paper in which you do the following: 1) Identify components of the Program Evaluation Logic Model Flowchart: inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes for your program evaluation. 2) Describe each component of the Program Evaluation Logic Model Flowchart that relates to your identified educational program in a narrative format. 3) Make connections between your identified educational program and resources. 4) Include scholarly citations to support your ideas. 5) Attach your Program Evaluation Logic Model Flowchart as an appendix. Logic Model Template- Attached Resources:

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