Pre school menu

Pre school menu Preschool snack calendar assignment instructions: Your local preschool is trying to encourage children and families to eat healthier snacks. You oversee planning this week’s snacks at your son’s preschool (ages 3-5). Wednesday is your son’s birthday and the teacher has asked you to plan a “Super Snack”-healthy and fun snack that day. You cannot bring a snack that contains sugar, trans fats, or refined foods (see definitions in course material) Be creative! (Part 1) When doing this assignment make sure you identify yourself as a Community College of Denver student who is conducting research for your class. Be polite, identify yourself, and make sure you tell the facility that all information you retain will be kept confidential and be only used in our educational setting for discussion and learning. Call or email at least 2 local preschool/kindergarten, day care or private school and ask if they set a snack menu or list for parents to follow. Questions to ask and document: Does the school have a set snack calendar, ask if you can receive a copy? If not, as why they do not have one or what is the protocol for snacks at their school? If the site does not have a calendar, ask if they had a resource for healthy snack calendars/lists would they use it? Have the facility contact person you talk to, give you at least 4 of the most common snacks they offer or parents bring for the kids at their site. Do they have an allergy policy, if so what is it and why? *Obtain a sample from the school if possible. If not, search the internet for examples of snack calendars or suggestions for parents (please email me if this happens at ). (Part 2): Make a healthy snack calendar for 1 week that is appropriate for age group (3-5years) that includes 2 snack sessions per day (M-F, am and pm) and must meet the following requirements. (10 points) Fruits and vegetables must be paired with a grain or protein Grains must be whole grains Proteins must be lean or vegetarian options Added salt must be minimal and sugar almost non-existent (natural occurring sugar is ok) For example: Resources: Just check out the site, especially the recipe area just check out the site for opportunities to get involved in kids nutrition in our state

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