Poem by an American Poet

Poem by an American Poet DescriptionWrite a research essay of no less than 1500 words (about 5 pages) in which you fully analyze a poem by an American poet. Your essay must be double spaced, and documented according to MLA format. You must use no fewer than 5 professional outside sources, not including your primary source. This means that you will include at least six sources on the Works Cited page. Write this essay in third person point of view. Also, with your final draft, you must include a copy of each page of text where your citations are found with the lines you have used highlighted on the copied pages. Include the title/home page for each of these sources. Most of the essay (70%-80% ) should be your own original analysis and insights. Your outside sources (20%-30%) should be used throughout the essay (especially paragraph 3) to support your thoughts

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