Please write a reflection paper based on the video below. Make sure to cite some

Please write a reflection paper based on the video below. Make sure to cite some elements of the film which make an impression on you. Then talk about what it means, or perhaps how it reflects some of the categories of anthropology like ethnocentrism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid zionism, semite, and antisemitism. Discuss the Israel/Palestine conflict, and how in many ways the Israel/Palestine conflict parallels and echoes the history of the United States. Both Israel and the United States are fundamentally settler-colonial states which displaced indigenous populations through violent means. If you follow current mass media coverage in the U.S. you may receive the impression that the conflict is between two equal and intransigent parties. This claimed equivalence belies the reality on the ground in which millions of Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation and are treated as lesser citizens in Israel itself nothing can justify the inflicting of suffering from one group to another.Here is the film you need to reflect on:The oscar-nominated short film, The Present you can watch the film on Netflix, Amazon prime video, or Kanopy ( link to kanopy > you can watch the film anywhere you can find it! ( This film is set in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine and follows the narrative of Yousef who on his wedding anniversary, chooses to take his seven-year-old daughter, Yasmin, to purchase a refrigerator for his wife, but this requires crossing one of the innumerable Israeli checkpoints that dot the terrain.

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