Personal Numeracy File

Personal Numeracy File Assessment Task 1  – Personal Numeracy FileStatistical literacy /Maths in contextAnalyse this sample of contextualised mathematics: .We’re on the Roads to Hell MATHS_IN_CONTEXT.docx Identify the mathematics contained in the newspaper article, and explain what can be learned from the mathematics.Word Count – 500 words  Mathematical photographsTake a set of three photographs of ‘mathematical’ subjects. They might include buildings, crowds, scenes, advertising, traffic or any other real-life context depicting some mathematics. Make sure that one photograph depicts something in each of the following strands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics –Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Statistics & Probability. For each photograph, describe the mathematics it depicts.Word Count – 100 words per photograph  Algorithmic thinking task.In order to keep the length of your text messages to a minimum, you use these rules:* remove all spaces;* remove all vowels (a, e, i, o, u);* replace double letters with single letters.For example, the message”good morning” would be sent as”gdmrng” – a saving of six characters (1 space, 4 vowels, 1 double letter), which is 50%.1.How many characters do you save by applying the rules to this message? “A good sense of rhythm is needed to play your violin well”2. Devise a short message where the rules will save a high proportion of the characters. The message must be at least five words long.Explain the strategies you used to make a message where the three rules save a high proportion of the characters.Explain how you attempted both parts of the algorithmic thinking task and how you felt about it. Comment on how the task may relate to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, especially the Proficiency Strands.(Modified from the Australian Informatics Competition, 2008)Word Count – 500 words

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