Parametri design

Parametri design For this project we should use 40ft container expandable. I will need Revit and Dynamo file. I will send you attached 2 example work that can that can help you understand what should be done. What you need do: 1. modelling expandable shipping container Emergency mobile hospital inside 40ft container expandable . this emergency mobile hospital should have: a) 1 laboratory unit, b) 1 WC ( 1 toilet with shower) , c) 1 sterilization unit, d) 1 consultation unit, e) Waiting area f) 1 X- ray unit The size of rooms and facilities need meets conditions for one standardization norm for hospital design in your choice for any country. The first step in this design process is to define the geometry required for rooms ( a, c, d, and, f,) so that the room meets with the specifications in you choice. 2. Do de design. For this process you will design room inside a shipping container and use a BIM parametric approach on REVIT to do: From the rooms (a, c, d, and f) specification information gathered, you will see minimum area for all those rooms and wherever possible should be square, while the door openings and equipment parameters must be linked to the out. • side dimensions of the room: when the rooms outside parameters are changed, the doors and equipment parameters retain the same distance apart parallel to the room’s outside walls. In this way it is possible to retain a minimum distance from the outside wall of the room to the edge of the door swing whatever size the room may be. • The second set of critical parameters include the clean areas which are always relative to the centre of the room and the patient, this is consistent no matter how big or smaller the room becomes. parametric modelling will be applied to the following aspects in the design of expandable shipping container Emergency mobile hospital • Room dimensions (height, internal length and width) • Height adjustments to installations • Distance between installations and equipment • Manoeuvring space dimensions The ultimate goal of the application of parametric modelling and visual programming in this project would be to establish parametric relationships between the elements, equipment and installations in the shipping container Emergency mobile hospital in order to: • Guarantee compliance with Approved Document M minimum requirements. • Incorporate Changing Places Specification into the design. • Automate height and distance between objects to facilitate ease of adjustments in response to space needs within the building design. • Eliminate the need for manual recalculation of dimensions and spacing if room sizes are change. 3. You will need including detailed visual explanation of your modelling development process, in a “step by step” manner and CREATING PARAMETRIC PARAMETERS IN DYNAMO

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