Organisational and Facilities Management Strategy

Organisational and Facilities Management StrategyOrganisational and Facilities Management Strategy  1.1[SM(6C1] Explain how the business strategy is developed and put into practice[SM(6C2] .Start by explaining what is meant by a strategy and then you can refer to your own organisational strategy. Think about the drivers and the objectives of your strategy and explain why these are important in setting the strategy. Try and identify the key driver if you can. Then think about why it is important to communicate the strategy[SM(6C3] .       1.2Evaluate the impact of the business strategy on the services offered by the facilities management team.You need to show that you understand how the business strategy can affect the FM services you offer. This requires an EVALUATION so you could consider undertaking a SWOT analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business strategy in helping you deliver the FM services.         2.1Analyse the context in which facilities management services are provided and compare different approaches to developing an appropriate need to consider the context within which FM strategy is delivered. You have discussed service delivery methods in the workshop and in the workbook it discusses the different sectors and how this might affect the FM Strategy. You could also look at something completely different such as the use of Technology or CSR and ustainability.Whichever context you choose you need to consider the following:• Where are we now?• Where do we want to be?• How do we get there including options for achieving the required outcome?• What is in the way?         2.2Analyse the relationship between organisational and facilities management strategies and the ways in which they influence each other.looks at the relationship between the Business strategy and the FM Strategy. Think about how they influence one another. What are the synergies and the conflicts between them both? How can FM support the business strategy?        3.1Develop a facilities management strategy which relates to and is consistent with the overall business strategy and core business operation of an organisation.this is the start of you determining the FM Strategy for your organisation. The AC asksyou to ‘DEVELOP” as strategy. You do not need to actually develop one. You need to describe what you need to take into account when developing the strategy.This is where you can use Deming’s Cycle and this is the Plan stage. What should you takeinto account when planning the strategy?     3.2Develop a facilities management strategy which relates to and is consistent with the overall business strategy and core business operation of an organisation.this is the DO part of Deming’s cycle. Again, you cannot actually implement your strategy so what do you need to consider when implementing the strategy?      4.1Use a variety of evaluation and review techniques to measure the effectiveness of the facilities management the CHECK element. You need to check to see if your strategy is actually working.What do you need to check and how can you do it?      4.2Analyse changes in an organisation that may require the facilities management strategy to be the ACT stage of the cycle. You have the results of your checking – why might you need to change your strategy. Think about internal factors and external factors. You could undertake a PESTLE analysis for the external factors.            5.1Communicate with a wide range of target audiences about the facilities management strategy.5.2 Use appropriate methods to communicate a variety of complex facilities management issues.5.1 and 5.2 can be dealt with together. You need to identify the stakeholders you need tocommunicate your new strategy to and identify which method of communication would bemost appropriate for them. Think widely in terms of stakeholders       5.3Evaluate the methods used to determine the level of understanding by recipient audiences.having communicated your strategy you need to check that the stakeholders understand. However, this AC asks you to evaluate the methods you use to check understanding so you need to consider the different methods you could use when undertaking Process, Impact and Outcome evaluation, so questionnaires, interviews, observations and so on, and provide a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of these methods. [SM(6C1]Number of the question please do not delete [SM(6C2]The writing in green is the assignment questionThis text can be deleted once the question is answered [SM(6C3]The writing in blue in the question guidance outlining what is required to answer the questionThis text can be deleted once the question is answeredClick here to request for this assignment help

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