ONLY CHOOSE ONE SONGSong list: Black Star (and Yummy Bingham) – “No Fear of Ti

ONLY CHOOSE ONE SONGSong list:Black Star (and Yummy Bingham) – “No Fear of Time” (2022)Chika – “Hickory Dickory” (2021)Dave – “Clash” (ft Stormzy) (2021)Doja Cat – “Vegas” (2022)Junglepussy – “Raqueletta” (2022)Little Simz – “Fear No Man” (2021)Method Man – “Live from the Meth Lab” (2022) (ft Jojo Pellegrino, KRS-One,Redman)Noname – “Song32” (2019)Either “N95” from Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (2022) or hissingle “The Heart Part 5” (2022)*Aside from the Imani Perry reading, you must use and properly cite 4 other sources. Atleast one of these sources must come from required course readings, and atleast one source must come from outside the course. Sources outside the courseshould be from established media channels (whether newspapers, magazines, scholarlyarticles, web publications, etc. Web pages like wikipedia, genius, and whosampled will notcount towards this requirement. Use sources from outlets with clearly-identified authors (suchas,,

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