Music and Ritual

Music and Ritual Discussion Board #1 10 10 unread replies. 10 10 replies. Discussion Board #1: Music and Ritual Posting and Responding Group: Group Ritual (Please see Discussion Board Assignments) Objectives: •Demonstrate your ability to conduct research on a musical culture you have not learned through a lesson in this class •Engage in an educated, in-depth conversation about a musical culture Overview: This group-based activity is an opportunity for you to directly apply the concepts and terms that you are learning in Music 9 to musical examples and cultures not covered in the lesson. In this assignment you are expected to watch the assigned recordings and do the research necessary to explain and discuss the sound and behavior of each musical example and how they relate to the concept of the music. Be sure to read this week’s assigned online lesson before reading this discussion board. In particular, focus on the Music and Ritual page of this week’s lesson to prepare for this discussion. While Group Ritual members will be the only ones posting and responding on this discussion board, everyone is expected to read all the topics, watch the specified recordings, and read all the posts and responses on this discussion board. Information from the discussion boards will be incorporated into the exams. Here are directions that will apply to all groups and all discussion boards: Group Ritual members: Watch and listen to all the assigned recordings. Consider how the videos relate to this week’s lesson. Before making your own initial post, be sure to read any posts on the discussion board that your groupmates have already made. Find the video number that corresponds to your assigned number in Discussion Board Group Assignments and Schedule chart on the “Discussion Board Assignments” page. That numbered video is your assigned topic/video to analyze. Since each Group will be participating in only two discussion boards throughout the semester, every participant will have time to craft a thoughtful initial post of approximately 400-600 words in length. Think of the discussion board as an opportunity to write a mini-essay. Choose your approach, identifying specific musical characteristics, instruments, vocal styles, as well as behaviors and how they relate to the music. You may discuss the entire video(s) or focus on just a portion of it (them). (Use parenthetic times to clarify points in the video.) I recommend that you prepare your post as a Word document, so that you can polish your writing before posting it. (Make sure you have edited your writing to remove spelling and punctuation errors, sentence fragments, typos, etc. You can then copy and paste your text into the discussion board.) These discussion posts are more about quality than quantity and will be graded accordingly. IMPORTANT: In your post, as well as in your responses, use the appropriate terminology that you are acquiring from the lessons. The goal of this assignment is to begin to distinguish between your personal reactions to music and the scientific study of music using musical terminology and Merriam’s model in examining the material. Use the excerpt title as the title of your initial post (e.g., “2. Mevlevi Sema”). Special note to Group Ritual members: The musical examples listed below were carefully and purposefully chosen. Please take some time to do some research into the culture, religion, ritual, musical genre, and musical ensemble represented in the example you have been assigned as you prepare to write your initial post. In this discussion board you will be discussing different types of rituals from around the world. Specifically, the topics for Discussion Board #1 are: this is the video i chose (its korean nong ak)

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