Mind over milkshakes

Mind over milkshakes I: Article Critique Grading Rubric (50 points possible) 1). Title Page (4 points) Correct APA format on the Running head, page number, and title 2). Summary of the article (14 points – 1 ½ pages required minimum, 3 maximum) Items of relevance: A. Appropriate header, page numbers, and article title B. Summary elements: Description of the kind of study Note the variables used Note the method used Note the participants used Note the findings etc. 3). Critique of the study (16 points – 1 ½ pages required minimum, 3 maximum) Items of relevance: Must have at least 4 of the following (but can have more): 1). Reliability and validity of the study 2). Correct interpretations of the findings 3). Appropriate ethical considerations 4). Follow-up studies 5). Whether results are weak/strong or alternative interpretations 6). Additional implications of the findings 7). Problems with the theory or methods used 8). Are there more appropriate methods than those used in this research 4). Summary (8 points – 1 to 2 short paragraphs) Items of relevance: A. It must be one to two paragraphs, no longer B. Did it highlight the main article points (hypothesis, methods, subjects)? C. Did it highlight the conclusions drawn by the author? 5). References (4 points – all citations mentioned including the study critiqued) Reference(s) must be in appropriate APA format

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